landscape proposals

The therapeutic qualities of gardens are increasingly being recognised as a stimulus to improve health and well-being, providing a restorative environment to enable users to relax and unwind. Psychological and medical research has demonstrated that gardens and horticultural activities provide legitimate healing tools for many conditions reducing stress, agitation and depression while promoting peace, calmness and opportunities for exercise. This awareness and understanding has been an integral aspect of the design development of an invaluable outdoor resource for North Tyneside Hospital’s Psychiatry of Old Aged Service.

The secure courtyard has been designed to offer patients within both the Challenging Behaviour Unit and the Dementia Assessment Unit a safe, inviting and inspiring outdoor garden designed to fulfill a number of objectives:

• Create two physically and visually segregated gardens within the courtyard for patients occupying the two units;
• Create gardens which possess characteristics of a ‘domestic’ garden;
• Provide areas for both solitary relaxation and social interaction;
• Provide areas for group activities and horticultural practices;
• Introduce planting designed to stimulate the senses through colour, texture, fragrance and sound;
• Ensure materials are safe, secure and robust

facts & figures

client: nhs trust / kier
contract value: £65,000
architect: ph&s
engineer: wsp